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Cellective Services

Cellective Solutions offers management abilities for any type or size of telecommunications project. Whether it is startup services for a new market or the continuing improvement of a mature network, our team can step into your project at any time during the development schedule. We manage every project with exceptional professionalism and effective leadership. We leave nothing undone as we monitor and handle every key aspect of your project. We will skillfully and responsibly manage our client’s project in a cost effective manner in order to meet time and budgetary goals.

We want to be the team you call when you need to solve a problem, clean-up a messy situation, or manage the whole document control process. We offer complete due diligence services for any project or acquisition. Our staff has experience working through all phases of ordering and reviewing titles, survey’s, NEPA and Phase I & II Environmental Assessments, FCC and FAA forms and filings. We are also experienced at completing NTP and project close-out packages, and submitting timely progress reports. We even have excellent in-house photo simulation capabilities. Cellective Solutions has the industry contacts and know how to satisfactorily complete the due diligence process.

Acquisition, Zoning & Building Permit Expediters

At times, getting the necessary government approvals to construct networks or systems can be as challenging as the actual construction. Cellective Solutions knows the way through the maze of government bureaucracy. Not only can we obtain your permits but we can often find ways to expedite the process to accomplish your goals. We have a proven track record with US Cellular, as we produced the impossible by getting permits for 375 sites in the St. Louis Market in record time.

In addition to working with the 193 governmental jurisdictions in Missouri and Illinois we have also presented zoning cases and obtained building permits in Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, and California. We are nation-wide and willing to travel to help your project meet all its dead-lines.

Government Compliance & Interaction

Cellective Solutions has the experience of obtaining permits from various agencies including:
• Fire Department Permits
• Highway Dept. Curb Cuts
• Temporary Tower Permits
• Federal Communications Commission
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
• Bureau of Land Management
• Environmental Protection Agency
• Department of Forestry
Cellective Solutions’ ability to research and evaluate requirements and constraints minimizes risks associated with acquisition. While circumstances can sometimes limit site acquisition options, we work closely with all departments to identify and address any non-standard issues. Our ability to clearly identify and refine critical items enables the entire team to quickly reach a consensus and address outstanding issues.

Contact Us

Cellective Solutions would very much appreciate the opportunity to assist you in the development of your wireless project and any zoning and building permit services you may require. Please contact us anytime with your questions.

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(p) 314-989-9810 (f) 314-667-5836
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM CST
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