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Cellective Community Commitment

An effective wireless communication network maintains consistent high quality-of-service levels and that requires tower and hardware coverage without gaps. Terrain, geographic location and land ownership are the primary roadblocks when building such a network.

To provide the quality of service wireless customers demand, communication towers must be built, maintained and upgraded in commercial and residential areas. People that live and do business in these areas, and the area's ecosystem, benefit from and appreciate modern communications equipment with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Cellective Solutions land acquisition and project management specialists understand the importance of "community friendly" solutions, and specialize in stealth applications that not only have a low environmental impact but are also more visually appealing. In some cases they are virtually invisible to the untrained eye. In addition to traditional Lattice Tower applications, Cellective Solutions can help you place, or upgrade to, Monopole, Guyed and Stealth solutions wherever community and visual impact are top priority.

Visually Unobtrusive & Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Cellective Solutions specializes in state-of-the-art Monopole, Guyed and Stealth solutions for wireless communication networks. To keep neighborhoods looking great, and local plant and wildlife safe, are top priorities at Cellective Solutions.

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Nationwide Land Acquisition, Zoning & Permit Services

Local service providers are at a disadvantage to providers with nationwide experience, it's that simple. Working with a wide range of terrains, climates, carriers, organizations and people builds a level of experience few organizations can match. Cellective Solutions has clients, contacts and industry resources in major cities across the United States. Give us a chance, and we'll show you the difference nationwide experience brings to your telecommunication project.

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Contact Us

Cellective Solutions would very much appreciate the opportunity to assist you in the development of your wireless project and any zoning and building permit services you may require. Please contact us anytime with your questions.

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